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8 Dos and Don’ts for a Sensitive Skin

Aug 5, 2022

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8 Dos for a Sensitive Skin | Sensitive Skincare Tips Home Remedies

8 Don’ts for a Sensitive Skin

Dealing with sensitive skin is challenging. Almost anything and everything affects it. For instance, while the summers turn the skin red, the monsoons may make it itchy. Besides, it is prone to allergies due to skincare products. Conditions like eczema, pigmentation, etc., also may form common. 

But that’s your skin! So, no matter how challenging it is to deal with it, you cannot give up. Consulting a dermatologist and preparing a sensitive skincare routine can help. But along with a sensitive skin care routine, experienced dermatologists would also provide some tips for sensitive skin care. Let’s see what those are.

8 Dos for a Sensitive Skin | Sensitive Skincare Tips Home Remedies

Sensitive skin requires careful handling. You never know what can cause irritation or inflammation. Or how would your skin react to a particular cream or facewash? Following these generic tips can help, though. For specific recommendations, consulting your dermatologist is advisable.

  1. Pick your skincare products carefully, preferably only after a dermatologist’s prescription. Read the label on the product carefully. Avoid choosing a particular product only because it is famous. Your skin is sensitive, and it requires meticulous handling.
  2. Shorten your shower time. Spending too much time in the water can strip natural oils from your skin. Besides, use lukewarm water while bathing. Avoid too hot or cold water. Both could harm your skin.
  3. The fragrance is nothing but a selling point. It does not add any value to the product’s skin nourishment value. Your skin also does not need it. So, avoid fragrant skin products. Ingredients that add fragrance may prove harmful.
  4. Test a particular product before you use it. Do so on a small section of your skin. Monitor the reaction for about 72 hours. If your skin reacts to it adversely, the product isn’t meant for you.
  5. Choose your clothing carefully. Wool, along with other fabrics, can cause itching, rashes, and harm to the skin. Instead, choose cotton or silk based on their suitability in your case.
  6. Moisturize your skin every day with a dermatologist-prescribed moisturizer. Moisturizing keeps many problems at bay. It nourishes the skin and keeps it supple to avoid skin problems that may arise from drying or dehydration.Moisturize
  7. Leverage antioxidants to ease damage due to UV rays. They also absorb free radicals (that sunlight and other weather factors create and can degrade collagen fibers) and prevent the damage they can cause.
  8. Keep your skin hydrated. Drink about eight to ten glasses of water every day. The more hydrated your skin, the healthier it stays. Besides, it also helps maintain overall health.


8 Don’ts for a Sensitive Skin

Now, let’s see what not to do if you have sensitive skin.

  1. Don’t use chemical-based products without a dermatologist’s prescription. It could be tempting to buy over-the-counter products that claim to nourish your skin. But everyone’s skin is different. Hence, the impact of such chemicals also differs. Know what’s right for you before using it.
  2. Don’t rub and scrub your skin hard to get rid of a tan or dirt. Both these actions could cause rashes and damage the skin.
  3. Don’t use cosmetics excessively. Adhere to your dermatologist’s prescription. Watch out for non-comedogenic on the label to avoid clogging of the pores.
  4. Don’t expose your skin to weather elements like extreme heat or cold. Both could adversely affect it. Use a dermatologist-prescribed sunscreen and cover your body parts to avoid damage.
  5. Stress is an integral part of everyone’s life. But excessive stress could be harmful on all accounts, including the skin. So, avoid it. Get enough sleep, eat healthy food, and exercise every day.
  6. Don’t smoke! Smoking wouldn’t do any good to your body. Speaking of the skin, it can aggravate skin reactions and may make recovering from skin problems a challenge.
  7. Don’t pop pimples. We understand pimples are annoying. But popping or picking them isn’t the solution. The pus of a picked or popped pimple can penetrate deeper and produce another, perhaps next to the old one. It can also leave pigmentation.                                                                                                                                                       
  8. Don’t over-wash your face and skin of other body parts excessively. Washing feels better but only temporarily. It removes essential oils from the body and makes it dry. The situation worsens when washing the face and feeling dry becomes circular.

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