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Skin Treatment

One Stop Solution to all your Cosmetic Problems by our Doctors at Clear Skin. Now put a Full Stop to your Skin Frustrations. Visit Us Today!

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Hair Loss Treatment

If you are frustrated with your Hair loss problems, then you are at right place. At Clear Skin, we provide complete solutions and assured results, on par with the best in the world, to your hair problems. Drop In at our Clinic.

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Hair Transplant

Industry leading Results. Huge, Comfortable Operation Theatres. Globally Trained Doctors.Minimal pain, minimal scar.FUE Technique – Natural Looking Hairline. You can be back to work on the next day.

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Laser Hair Removal

We use the Gold Standard in Laser Hair Removal - LumenisLightSheer Diode Laser. Fastest Full Body Hair Removal session. 90 minutes flat. Effective. Painless. Quick. Any part of the Body.

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Clear Skin Clinic


What Causes Wrinkles?
Those annoying frown lines and crow’s feet, also termed as wrinkle in medical terms, are mainly caused by the repetitive movement of an underlying muscle. As we get old our skin begins to lose its elasticity, and this repetitive movement caused by squinting, worrying etc., sooner or later causes our skin to wrinkle or crease.
Does Actually Reduce The Signs of Aging?
Yes, is an increasingly popular beauty procedure that is used by doctors all across the world to provide and maintain a younger looking skin. is meant to reduce sign of aging, i.e. frown lines and crow’s feet, forehead lines and smoker’s lines that are caused by overactive muscle. In this treatment, is injected in very small amounts into the suitable muscle, resulting in a relaxation of muscles, even skin and lesser fine lines. This procedure actually reverses the signs of ageing. This non-surgical treatment is quick and almost painless, and the results may last for months.
What is the Co2 Laser?
A laser is basically a device that takes electric and electromagnetic energy and transforms it to an intense beam. Often the type of materials used to generate energy defines lasers. Co2 laser is an innovative approach to various laser skin resurfacing procedures.
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Hectic lifestyle and full day activity rush not only shows the heat on your body...

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Why choose us?

One Stop Solution for all Cosmeticaspirations
With a chief focus on the Cosmetic & Aesthetic well-being of our patients, we can proudly state to be one of the very few advanced clinics in India which provide solutions for the whole spectrum of Skin and Hair aspirations you have.
Gold Standard, FDA Approved Lasers with Proven Efficacy
We use only Gold standard & FDA approved Lasers and Treatment modalities for all the services we provide. All the lasers have been imported from across the world, with a strong emphasis on the best technology, patient safety and scientifically proven results.
Globally trained team of Expert Doctors
Led by Dr Dhananjay Chavan, consultant Cosmetologist & Aesthetic Surgeon, our team of Doctors have been trained in the best Institutes in the world, spanning Vancouver (Canada), London (United Kingdom), Tel Aviv (Israel), Dubai, India, Bangkok (Thailand), Seoul (South Korea), Shanghai (China). This, and the continuous academic training that we conduct for our staff helps us to adopt the best treatment protocols, which lead to the great results we provide for our patients.
Luxurious, Well Equipped Clinics with the highest Hygiene standards
Occupying a spacious 4000 sqft area in the heart of Pune City, our clinic has been designed keeping our patients comfort as the sole motive. All the therapies are performed by following the highest hygiene standards. A streamlined reception, consultation & therapy practices lead to the optimum experience for the patient and minimum waiting times.