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Under Eye Dark Circle

Treatment Description

Dark Circles are one problem that spoils our zealous personalities right since the word go. Take it from somebody, who was a night owl and had dominant traits of a vampire, dark circles did not seem to leave my side ever. In fact, concealers and night creams were a part of my monthly provision. But, this is when I started researching and realized that our lifestyle choices have a big role to play in how we look. Some of the factors that are the major culprits behind those unwanted smudgy circles under the eyes are:

  • Heredity- One trait we cannot give up on!
    Heredity is one trait that causes dark circles the maximum. Unfortunately, since it is genetic, we cannot do much about it. Get talking to your parents about it and ask if dark circles are something they got from their parents. If not, then there is less chance of this condition being genetic.
  • Dietary Deficiencies
    There are a lot of nutrients, deficiency of which causes dark circles. Even though the nutrients of some might cause the dark circles to appear more frequently, it is also the excessive consumption of some that might cause the same issue. For example, foods like caffeine or the ones that are rich in potassium or sodium might in case your eyes to look swollen as well as baggy. Even under eating and obsessive dieting, dietary deficiencies mainly that of vitamin and iron cause dark circles to appear. So get your diet right and get rid of those dark patches!
  • Sleep Deprivation- This is a no-brainer
    This is the most obvious condition which causes dark circles to appear under the eye. Insomnia may cause the dark circles because the blood vessels dilate and the dark tint starts to appear. This is what causes your eyes to look baggy as well as well up due to dark circles.
  • Undetected medical conditions
    If none of the obvious causes seem to be the reason, then get a check-up done for eczema. There is quite a chance that eczema might be the reason for your dark circles. It is also possible that you are rubbing the skin under the eyelids excessively causing the dark circles to appear. The excessive rubbing sometimes causes the blood vessels to break underneath- resulting in extremely dark- well dark circles. You might also be allergic to a few things which might trigger histamines in the body. These histamines cause the blood vessels to dilate. The skin under the eyelids is quite thin, which causes the skin to appear even darker under the eyes.
  • Unfavorable environmental conditions
    Piling up on the sunscreen but miss out on the eyelid part? The tissue right under the eyelids is extremely thin. This is where the dark tissues get reflected. The transparency is quite obvious and this is what causes the dark circles to look extremely bad.
  • Alcohol Abuse
    The reason for alcohol to cause dark circles is mainly dehydration. All of us are aware that a hangover is caused due to the sucking out of liquids from the brain and the body. This dehydration causes the high and the hangover subsequently. Extreme consumption of alcohol can cause dark circles mainly due to this reason.
  • Nicotine consumption
    Smoking causes dark circles because patients might feel nicotine withdrawals at night leading them up to becoming insomniacs. As this makes the blood vessels under the eyelids exposed to breakage of blood vessels, it is one of the main reasons for dark circles to be caused.

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