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Photo Facial

Treatment Description

Photo facial is a kind of skin treatment that uses light-based technology to help treat broken capillaries and brown spots, as well as boost collagen.

There are 2 main types of photo facials – LED (Light Emitting Diode) and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light).

Both of these treatments use different kinds of technology and are used for treating different issues, so it is important to know the proper benefits and uses of each to be able to achieve the expected results.

LED Photo Facials

Light Emitting Diode Photo Facials are mainly used for boosting collagen and use a narrow spectrum light to create rejuvenated and younger looking skin. This treatment can also be used for killing bacteria that are the cause of acne.

LED photo facials do not cause any pain and feel cool and relaxing, carrying no danger of skin burning. On an average, the treatment is comprised of a series of 6 sittings with a week or two gaps between each, but the final diagnosis depends on the severity of the condition.

The results of LED photo facials have been proven with medical research, and though they aren’t as dramatic as plastic surgery, they offer great results and the treatment is far less intensive, less expensive and a gentler and more natural choice.

IPL Photo Facials

Intense Pulsed Light Photo Facials are commonly used for treating skin conditions like broken capillaries, spider veins, brown spots and facial redness. The procedure is not as gentle as the LED photo facial, but it is extremely effective.

The treatment is carried out with a hand-held device that blasts bright light used at very high energy levels in the problem area. It can feel quite uncomfortable and slightly painful, even if the devices have a cooling system.

Depending on the severity of your condition, IPL photo facials are a great choice for also treating uneven pigmentation and overall redness on the face or skin. The treatment will differ depending on your skin type, skin condition, and desired results.

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