Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant Technique (Follicular Unit Extraction) FUE and Strip (FUT) comprise the 2 techniques of Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation and their only technical difference lies in the way of the harvesting hair roots from the back of the scalp.

More specifically: FUE hair transplant technique involves the one by one extraction of follicular units from the donor area, while in Strip follicular units are harvested through single strip harvesting and Digital video -microscopic dissection. Then, the follicular units΄s placement is identical for both the methods.

 FUE is implemented through the extraction of follicular units from the back and sides of the scalp and their reimplantation to the area affected by hair loss.It can reproduce natural hair growth, as transplanted hair regrows in its naturally occurring groups of 1-4 hairs.
 FUE has eliminated the need for a linear incision and allows Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation through single & direct harvesting of the follicular units.  FUE process involves an electronic motorized circular incision (of 0.7mm-0.8mm diameter) around each follicular unit, the extraction of the follicular unit and its implantation to the balding area of the scalp. Very fine holes are left in the donor area which heals within 7 to 10 days. FUE method enables to harvest individual follicular units, while ensuring the minimum of peripheral damage.