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PRP for skin rejuvenation

PRP Treatment For Skin Rejuvenation

PRP has a very good role in skin rejuvenation. PRP can be used as anti ageing treatment also. Skin is the largest organ of the body. Every organ has a capacity of cell renewal after a certain time period, likewise skin. Our skin has a capacity of renewing by itself by shading layers of skin from the epidermis, this happens once in a week. In this process skin cell from the bottom layer of epidermis move upwards to the top, and gets replaced by younger looking new cells, this process is called as skin rejuvenation.

As we go beyond 20, this process of skin shading gets slowed down because of sun exposure, pollution, weather. This causes collagen fibers to break down, this leads to fine lines, wrinkles & sagging of skin.

Our blood contains various growth factors like Platelet-derived growth factors, transforming growth factors, epidermal growth factor etc. Earlier PRP treatment was started in orthopedic, plastic & dental surgeries for its wound healing properties. But nowadays it is also shown that PRP is highly effective in Dermatology as its having a capacity to regenerate, multiply with various growth factors. PRP growth factors have the capacity to regenerate new collagen fibers beneath the skin layers so it is widely used in skin rejuvenation also.

Mechanism of action

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is derived from the double spin centrifugation of the patient own whole blood. It is then activated by thrombin & calcium chloride. After centrifugation, the concentration of platelets increases to double fold than the normal circulating blood. This platelet-rich & platelet poor plasma has a capacity of skin proliferation, to reactivate fibroblast in the skin to act on the skin collagen fibers thus helps in skin rejuvenation. This PRP is injected through multiple micropunctures in the skin in the treatment of skin rejuvenation, Acne scars, Under eye rejuvenation, it can be combined with other skin rejuvenation procedures also like microneedle RF, erbium glass, Fractional co2 resurfacing laser to get best possible results. 


Other Modalities

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