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Comedone Extraction

Comedone Extraction


Comedone extraction is a common treatment for clogged pores, whiteheads or blackheads. This treatment is generally done with gentle pressure around the pore opening.  Then with an inserted a large needle or a blade to extract it. This treatment is done by a dermatologist or an aesthetician only. Let’s check about comedones and how their extraction is done.

What are comedones?

Comedones are also one type of acne. It is generally small acne mostly found in chin, foreheads, and nose. Comedones can be open or closed ones and also they can be dark or white in color. Sometimes it is not visible to eyes as well. The comedones which are open are known as blackheads and closed ones are known as whiteheads.

What is comedone extraction? How does it work?

This treatment is simple but it is tricky while performing. An extraction tool is placed around your comedone and then slowly blackhead and whiteheads are removed carefully. This treatment should be done carefully without damaging the surrounding skin. The comedones when it comes in the contact with the open-air gets oxidizes and it turns dark in color. This is the reason why blackheads are darker in color.

How to treat comedones?

To extract the clogged material from the pimple or comedone you need to use a large needle or a blade. As a result, the pores unclog the acne and pimples flatten up. Later slowly the skin begins to heal. Only dermatologists should carry out this procedure. Dermatologists use sterile equipment, wear gloves and clean the area with alcohol wipes. They are trained to perform this procedure so that it benefits the patient. This prevents any infection, irritation or crustiness and ensures the entire process is done safely. As a result, this prevents darkening and scarring. If the procedure is not carried out properly, it can result in more damage to the skin such as scarring.

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