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Best Tattoo removal Treatments in Pune

Getting yourself inked has been a trend for the past decade. However, lots of times, people want to get rid of their tattoos as they are not happy with the results or the way it has aged. Thanks to advanced laser technology, tattoos can be removed easily and permanently. You will be happy to know that the charges for tattoo removal in Pune are affordable and reasonable at ClearSkin. You no longer have to live with a momentary decision you regret, our tattoo removal treatments help make your skin a blank canvas again. 

Tattoo removal is a process that is done to eliminate an unwanted tattoo. The common techniques include laser tattoo removal, surgical removal, and dermabrasion. Since the tattoo ink is placed beneath the skin’s top layer, the removal process can get tedious and expensive. This is why you have to consult with the best dermatologists for tattoo removal in Pune for the appropriate treatment plan. 

Tattoo Removal

Why is tattoo removal done?

Usually, people go for tattoo removal because they regret getting it done or the ink has not aged well. Tattoo removal becomes a necessity if you develop some kind of allergic reaction or other complications.

Factors Affecting Laser Tattoo Removal

Age of the tattoo:

It is easier to remove older tattoos.

Location on the body:

The closer it is to the heart, the better the results are of removal. However, tattoos located on extremities are difficult to treat since the circulation is relatively poor.

Ink color:

It is easier to remove black tattoos as this pigment absorbs all laser wavelengths. However, green, yellow, and fluorescent inks are very difficult to remove.

Professional or amateur tattoo:

Overall, amateur tattoos are easier to remove.

Tattoo Removal Treatment Methods

Laser Tattoo Removal:

Conventional methods of tattoo removal are extremely painful and can cause scarring and other side effects. Removing tattoos using lasers is the safest, quickest, and most effective method of tattoo removal. This technique uses a targeted high-intensity light beam to breakdown the pigments present in the tattoo.

It works on the theory of selective photothermolysis. When the right wavelength of light and pulse duration are used to target the pigment, it will heat the pigment to the point of destruction. This causes minimal damage to the surrounding skin. While most of these lasers operate on a nanosecond, the newer picosecond pulse duration lasers remove tattoos by a photomechanical effect. This physically fractures the tattoo particles.

Tattoo removal using lasers depends on the colour of the tattoo. Black absorbs all the wavelengths of the laser and is the easiest to remove. Fractional Q-switch Nd: YAG laser is used most commonly for tattoo removal. Laser Tattoo Removal cost in Pune is decided after an assessment by the dermatologist. The number of sessions, the size of the tattoo, the colours used, and the depth of the ink, all decide the treatment plan for laser removal of tattoos.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Therapy:

A light that is passed through a prism is focused on the target area of the skin and this causes the breakdown of the pigments present in the tattoo. These pigments are then cleared by the body’s lymphatic system. Because the therapy emits larger light pulses, it is suitable for bigger tattoos. Since the permanent loss of colour (hypopigmentation) may occur, it is not advisable for dark-skinned individuals.

Who should try this?

If you have a low pain tolerance, and a smaller sized tattoo, then this treatment is great for you. The IPL therapy can be expensive compared to laser tattoo removal, therefore it’s great for tattoos that are small in size. The best candidates are those who have a light complexion and who have black ink tattoos.


Cryosurgery is done by introducing liquid nitrogen to the skin containing the tattoo. Following this, a specific light is introduced that peels the skin. This causes the lightening of the skin which leads to the gradual removal of the tattoo after multiple visits. This treatment is likely to damage normal tissues as well. So, it is not suitable for individuals with sensitive skin. Moreover, it is not effective on green and yellow pigments.

Who should try this?

Once again, this tattoo removal process should be done if you have a small tattoo because it has a high risk of scarring.


This involves the use of a mechanical grinding tool to remove the superficial layers of the skin. This helps in lightening the tattoo. This is a painful procedure that may require local anesthesia. Multiple sessions may be done for complete removal and there is a long recovery period.

Who should try this?

Your tattoo can be removed with this popular process that is if you don’t want to undergo the laser removal treatment. It’s not recommended for people with sensitive skin or who have issues like eczema. Also, if you are on medications that include blood thinners, then you can’t opt for this treatment.

Plastic Surgery:

This is an invasive method that can be done for small tattoos. The skin containing the tattoo is removed under anesthesia and a graft of another layer of skin is planted on your tattooed skin. This also carries a risk of scarring.

Who should try this?

If you want to avoid laser or cryosurgery, then plastic surgery can be the option for you. This technique is best suited for small tattoos because it’s not practical for large tattoos since there will be a wound, post-surgery. The open wound will need constant monitoring in the first week, to heal quickly. The healing process for large tattoos, makes it unfeasible as a treatment.

Saline Tattoo Removal:

Saline tattoo removal is the process of using a salt solution to remove or lighten the tattoo. This method involves exposing the skin to the solution and allowing the scab that forms to heal. After the scab falls off, there may be a lightening of the tattoo. This procedure requires multiple sessions and does not guarantee permanent removal of the tattoo. This is also a painful procedure that is done under local anesthesia.

Managing the Pain During the Procedure

A lot of people worry about the level of pain they will experience during the tattoo removal process. However, the level of pain you'll experience depends on the location of your tattoo, your threshold for pain, and the kind of removal treatment used.

Some of the methods used to manage the pain are:

  • Ice packs: Ice packs are an easy and cost-efficient method to numb pain. However, 5-10 minutes of compression numbs the skin adequately.
  • Topical numbing creams: These include benzocaine, lidocaine, and others. They are available in different strengths and formulations and help to numb the skin. These creams are applied about 30-45 minutes prior to treatment.
  • Cold air machines: These provide fast and convenient numbing. Unlike ice packs, they can be applied before, during, and after treatment. Zimmer Cryo 6 cold air machine is the gold standard for tattoo removal. It works by blowing cold air (-30°C) on the skin for a few minutes, after which the skin is thoroughly numbed for treatment.
  • Drinking plenty of water, avoiding caffeine, and keeping your skin hydrated throughout the course of treatment can also help reduce the pain.


Your skin may feel sunburned and remain red for a few days. A scab may also form before healing occurs. Moreover, the doctor will apply an antibacterial-steroid combination ointment. The same pain reduction measures described above can be used after treatment as well. In addition, strict photoprotection is advised on the treated area to avoid post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).

Do’s and Don’ts after Tattoo Removal

DO: Keep the affected area clean and dry.
DO: Apply antibiotic ointment 2-3 times a day.
DO: Keep it covered for the first 2-3 days.

DON’T: Take hot baths.
DON’T: Expose it to direct sunlight.
DON’T: Use any cosmetics, since they can irritate the skin.
DON’T: Scrub the treated area since it is sensitive.

What are the Risks of Tattoo Removal Treatment?

Tattoo removal using laser therapy does involve a few risks and complications:-

  • Allergic reactions: At ClearSkin, before beginning the procedure, the treating dermatologist will evaluate your response to ‘test spots’. A small area of the skin is tested for response to the laser. This helps in assessing the patient's tolerance for the procedure and if there is any allergic response to it.

  • Pigmentation: Transient hypopigmentation lasting for a few weeks may occur as a reaction to laser treatment for tattoo removal. Although rare, hyperpigmentation may also be seen, which may take three to six months to resolve.

  • Changes in skin texture: Textural changes in the skin may occur as a result of laser treatment. This usually resolves in some time.
  • Persistent tattoos: At times, the ink pigments of the tattoo may be embedded deep in the skin and may become difficult to remove. Such tattoos may require multiple sessions and may never fully disappear. 

Other side effects that are associated with tattoo removal are -

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Bleeding
  • Raising of the tattoo
  • Blisters
  • Temporary darkening of the skin
  • Scarring
  • Infection

How much will Tattoo removal treatment cost in Pune?

The cost for average tattoo removal in Pune will range from Rs. 2,500 to 5,000. Of course, this price can be much higher if the size of the tattoo is large..

Average tattoo removal cost:

At ClearSkin, tattoo removal cost depends entirely on the size of the tattoo. A coin-sized tattoo can cost you INR 3,000 in removal. If the size is 5*5cm, it could cost up to INR 6,000. And if it's 10*10cm, it could cost up to INR 12,000.
In general, the bigger the tattoo, the higher would be the cost.

Why choose ClearSkin for Laser Tattoo Removal in Pune?

ClearSkin promises you a safe, relatively painless, and effective method for tattoo removal in Pune. Our skilled dermatologists, who are trained in the use of laser technology, assess your skin type and the tattoo to be removed, and provide you with a customized treatment plan for tattoo removal.

Hear from our Doctors

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ClearSkin Results: Before and After

Our procedures have helped thousands of patients feel more confident in their own skin. Here are some of our happy patrons. 

Hear from our Doctors

Tattoo removal: FAQs

Can you remove a tattoo, completely?

Most experts have considered that laser removal to be cost-effective and the most successful technique to remove the tattoo. You will need to sit through multiple sessions to remove the ink completely.

Is tattoo removal painful?

Yes, tattoo removal can be painful but the levels of pain vary on the technique you choose and your pain tolerance. Many patients have testified that the sensation is similar to getting a tattoo done, only slightly more intense.

How long can laser tattoo removal take?

The recovery process, between sessions, can take six to eight weeks; in some cases, the removal and healing process can take up to a year.

Will the permanent tattoo removal process leave a scar?

If the removal is done safely and professionally, then the chances of scarring are minimal. It also depends on the aftercare of the affected site.

Which kind of tattoos takes time to remove?

Tattoos that are done in the most common dyes including black and dark green are easier to remove. This is because the black and green dyes are easier for the laser to detect and break apart rather than other colours like blue, pink, yellow etc.

The difference between these colors is that lighter colors are prone to fading quickly and can become blurry. So, while going through a laser tattoo removal, the device might not be able to pick them up.

Your dermatologist will be able to determine which parts of your tattoo can fade easily and how much time it would take between sessions to complete the entire removal process.

What precautions can be taken before removing a tattoo?

Tattoos can be removed through frequent laser sessions as recommended by your dermatologist. Before you go for your tattoo removal treatment, follow these simple steps for a smooth process:

  • Shave hair on the area where your tattoo is and clean it properly
  • Avoid using any heavy oils or creams
  • Do not get a sun tan or apply sunscreen on the tattoo
  • Keep your skin away from body glitter

The goal is to keep your tattoo area visible for the laser to destroy the pigment. Consult your dermatologist for any other precautions or skin conditions that you need to take care of. 

What precautions can be taken after removing a tattoo?

Once all your tattoo removal sessions are complete, you need to take care of that area on your skin as it will be more susceptible to infections and rashes. Your dermatologist will recommend the following tips so that your skin remains smooth and heals properly:


  • Use an ointment as prescribed by the dermatologist to keep the area clean and moisturized
  • Clean the area with a gentle soap and run water on it to let it heal naturally. Pat dry the area.
  • No matter how itchy the area gets, do not rub or scratch it
  • If there is too much pain or discomfort, use an ice gel pack over the tattoo wound
  • In case of flakiness or crusting, keep applying the ointment onto the area
  • Avoid putting hot water in that area. Chlorine water from swimming pools is also not recommended
  • Try to limit sun exposure. If you have to step out, use a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher

What is the recovery time after tattoo removal?

The tattoo removal sessions are spaced out between 6 to 8 weeks to allow your skin enough time to heal naturally. In between sessions, you have to follow quite a few precautions to ensure that the skin heals quickly without the interference of external irritants. All in all, the tattoo removal procedure can go on for 3-6 months.

During the recovery period, you need to follow a few simple tips like cleaning the wound, moisturizing the area and avoiding any picking of the skin to ensure that the wound does not get infected or bruised further. If this is maintained, you can bounce back with normal, healthy skin in no time. Your dermatologist will be able to determine the appropriate time span depending on your skin pigment, tattoo size and more.

Can I remove only part of my tattoo?

It is upto you to remove your entire tattoo or just a part of it. When you consult a dermatologist for the same, he or she will be able to tell you how difficult it would be to remove just the part depending upon your skin tone, tattoo size and more.

When you get just a part removed, it might seem like a tattoo cover up rather than a removal process. This also means that some touch up is required on the tattoo. If you have a small tattoo, the procedure might be fairly simple and should be done within a few sessions itself.


Duration of the tattoo removal session depends on the size of tattoo & pain threshold for individual patients. READ MORE



One treatment session isn’t going to be enough to rid you of your tattoo. Moreover, dermatologists may require a series of sessions for tattoo removal.


Patient Speak 36

Jaya More ,Kharadi, Pune

Treatment:Acne Pimples Date: Oct 18, 2019 Sessions: 4

“ Excellent guidance and neat treatment .”

Tattoo Removal – Q&A

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Timeline for Tattoo Removal

One treatment session isn't going to be enough to rid you of your tattoo. Moreover, dermatologists may require a  series of sessions for tattoo removal. In addition, to avoid the risk of open wounds and skin irritation, the average time between sessions is 4-6 weeks.

Do & Don't for Getting Acne Scars

DO: Visit your dermatologist in the initial stages.
DO: Follow a healthy skincare regime to prevent acne.
DO: Use products that reduce inflammation and redness.
DO: Moisturise your skin.

DON’T: Over-exfoliate.
DON’T: Pop and poke your pimples.
DON’T: Try home remedies as they don’t work.
DON’T: Delay the treatment of your acne.

Do & Don't for Getting Aging

DO: Consult your dermatologist before trying any product or treatment
DO: Use broad-spectrum sunscreen to prevent photodamage.
DO: Maintain a healthy skincare routine.
DO: Drink 2-3 litres of water daily.
DO: Eat a healthy & balanced diet

DON’T: Use sulphate and petroleum jelly based skin care products.
DON’T: Use skincare products that don’t suit your skin type.
DON’T: Leave the house without sun protection.
DON’T: Smoke and drink.
DON’T: Overuse anti-ageing products.

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