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Skin Pigmentation

Why are my lips dark?

One of the softest parts of our body is the lips. Everyone wishes to have pink, soft and luscious lips but all don’t get. Let’s talk about the causes of dark lips: Deficiency of Vitamins: One of the most important causes of dark lips is vitamin B12 deficiencies. In...

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Does hypothyroidism cause dry skin?

Hypothyroid in this condition your thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones to regulate the activities of the body. It is a small butterfly shape which is present in front of your neck. Mostly older women suffer from this problem than men.Let’s talk about the...

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What is best sunscreen for pigmentation?

Skin pigmentation is usually the small or large white or dark patches on your body or face. The reasons behind your skin pigmentation are minimum or excessive production of melanin on your skin.  Skin pigmentation is usually caused due to –  Sun exposure (UV rays) –...

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Skin Pigmentation

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