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Acne & Scars

How to get rid of acne scars on cheeks and nose?

As I understand from your question that you have multiple acne scars on your face mainly on cheeks & nose. You are also having an Acne problem. The scars on your face are the remnants of your earlier acne problem. As your in 17 yrs of age, at this adolescent age,...

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How long did it take for your acne scars to fade?

Hello Sir, Thank you for your valuable inquiry. As you have mentioned, you have acne scars & hyperpigmentation issues. As we have understood, you want to get rid of your problem in 1 or 2 treatments. Sorry to tell you sir, but it seems difficult as acne scar is a...

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Does glycolic acid and isotretinoin help acne scars?

Isotretinoin is an oral medicine which is prescribed by a dermatologist in controlling active acne lesions. Glycolic acid is a topical cream, which causes chemoexfoliation of skin. It is available in different strength like 6 % ,10 % ,12 % in cream or lotion base form...

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