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Acne & Scars

How to get rid of accident scars on nose?

As per your question description, accidental scar on your nose after an injury with your nail before 2 weeks ago. To elaborate it in detail, let’s understand first what happens after any kind of injury on the skin. Whenever we get any kind of cuts on our skin, our...

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How to remove injury scars from face?

As per your question, you are having scars on your face. It is important to know, the history of injury, when it has happened, how deep it was? Is there any pigmentation remained after the injury? Is there any kind of depressed scar on the affected area? Depending...

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How to remove black scars on legs?

As you mentioned you have acne scars on your legs. Acne usually doesn’t come on legs. Need to consult a dermatologist to diagnose your problem. Folliculitis on legs is a very common skin condition. This happens usually due to repeated waxing on legs. This waxing gives...

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