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Miss Neha hinge 2010

Miss Neha Hinge, Femina Miss India 2000

From Dreams To Reality


 She’d always liked beauty. The stage, the lights, the crown and all those beautiful looking people. They enchanted her. The first time she watched a pretty lady (called Sushmita Sen as she later discovered) win the Miss Universe crown on television, she was hooked. 

Coming from a small district in Maharashtra, India, soon the practicalities of living repressed her childhood dreams. She was a qualified software engineer, working an IT job until those dreams finally caught up with her again. And this time, she decided to give them and herself their due.

But try as she might, those years of daily life had left their imprint on her face and skin. So even though her spirit was burning anew with passion and determination, her skin failed to reflect it. That’s when she heard about Clear Skin Clinic, from one of her relatives who practice in the medical field. The clinic was situated in Karad, while she was living in Pune. She still decided to travel the distance, driving on hope and faith. And let her down, they did not.

Starting her treatment at Clear Skin Clinic in 2009, she underwent a whole lot of treatments, which included various types of medicated creams, solutions, chemical peels, laser therapy, light therapy, and anything and everything that science and technology have to offer in cosmetology. But it was all done under qualified and experienced supervision, and as suited to her skin type. Over a period of 6-9 months, she lost the unhealthy tanned look, gone were the dark circles and acne spots, and her skin had this wonderful glow as if it was glowing from inside out; as if for once, it echoed her inner blazing passion. Under their expert guidance, she also underwent laser therapy for whole body hair removal. Even after shifting base to Mumbai, she religiously would travel to Karad for her skin touch up treatments and body grooming.

With beauty and confidence shining from within and out, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Neha Hinge won the Femina Miss India International 2010, and went on to become the semifinalist in Miss International 2010.

In 2012, Clear Skin Clinic finally opened its much-awaited branch in Pune. And we know who their happiest client would have been! Neha is now acting in advertisements and movies. She may have won her crown, but she isn’t letting go of the lights and camera anytime soon. And we from Clear Skin are very proud of her! And grateful for whatever contribution we could make in turning her dreams into reality.

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