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An acne story of a patient

An acne story

           What I’m thankful for?


You know, I used to be a materialistic person. I used to think that everything was just about the glamour and appearance. I grew up as a very, very insecure kid; and to overcome that insecurity, I tried hard to dress up nicely, wear accessories, do my hair. I could’ve gone on like this, except that God decided to remind me of the more important things in life.

I was given Acne. A very terrible acne at that. Not just those 3-4 pimples that go away in a few days, but the kind of acne that makes me cringe even today when looking at the past photos. I still feel the pain and wonder how I was able to go through life looking like that. On one of the birthdays, my acne broke out so heart-breakingly bad, that all I could wish for was for God to heal it. But the wonderful thing was, not one of my friends or family members commented on it or made me feel any different. They took photos, hugged me, kissed me; they acted normal. But of course, I can only cherish them in hindsight; because then, I was too self-obsessed with my acne to appreciate it. Especially when my acne just kept getting worse.

I did a lot to make it go away – I took antibiotics, birth-control pills, acne treatments, topical solutions, chemical peeling, water therapy, fruit diet, a lot of prayers and more. Little by little, with all the help of all treatments and products, I saw improvement on my skin. It was very gradual, and it required immense amounts of dedication and perseverance. As well as staying patient and not losing hope. It’s true when they say things will get better. Because my acne got better!

I went through hell just because of acne, but then I also found out who my real friends are and how important family is. I learned that clothes, shoes, and makeup don’t make a person. And that everything is possible if you believe and work for it.

This post is for people who are suffering from acne and struggling to find a solution. I am here to tell you all that acne is not the end of life. Inner kindness is more important than outer appearance. And if you think your acne is interfering with the reflection of it, never settle! Never accept that acne will be a part of your life forever. Because truth is, it doesn’t have to! It shouldn’t be! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

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