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Our Equipments

Low-level laser light therapy (LLLT) US FDA Approved

Low-level laser light therapy (LLLT) treats many conditions. In fact, it uses different wavelengths and outputs of light to target the area. The tissue absorbs this light. As a result, it responds with a physiological reaction. Then, this promotes regeneration. The procedure is painless and non-invasive. It treats acne, acne scars, psoriasis & vitiligo.

Intense pulse light (IPL) US FDA Approved

Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy is a non-invasive treatment. It uses high-intensity visible light to treat various skin issues. For instance, freckles, ageing, unwanted hair, moderate acne scars & stretch marks. It uses more than one wavelength of light to remove unwanted cells. It can treat multiple skin conditions at once. 

 CO2 laser US FDA Approved

The CO2 laser is a versatile laser. In fact, it produces a specific wavelength of light. This light energy penetrates only the superficial layers of the skin. This energy creates tiny microscopic areas of thermal damage, As a result, this stimulates cell turnover as well as collagen production. Therefore, they help replace damaged skin with new cells.

Erbium glass laser US FDA Approved

Erbium Glass Laser uses fractional technology. It allows one to adjust the microbeams per unit area of skin. Moreover, its fractional approach decreases recovery time post-procedure. In fact, side effects barely ever occur. It helps in skin regeneration. Most importantly, it delivers faster skin regeneration.

Derma pen US FDA Approved

The Dermapen is a hand-held device with adjustable microneedles. In fact, it creates multiple micro punctures into the skin. As a result, this stimulates the body’s natural healing & Derma production. It treats ageing signs, all types of scars, stretch marks, pigmentation & uneven skin. It is a modern treatment. It works with less damage and better recovery time.

Q Switch US FDA Approved

The Q-switch ND YAG laser works with high-intensity waves. These waves absorb into the uppermost layer of skin. As a result, heat energy destroys the tissue. Hence, it encourages cell turnover and collagen formation. It can treat pigmentation, acne, large pores, seborrheic keratosis, moles & tattoo removal.

Targeted phototherapy US FDA Approved

Targeted phototherapy is an advanced form of phototherapy. It is a skin treatment that uses ultraviolet radiation. It targets the affected area only. Therefore, it reduces acute side effects. Moreover, it helps treat multiple skin disorders. In fact, it requires shorter and less frequent sessions.  

Endymed US FDA Approved

Dermatologists use the EndyMed devices for various purposes. For instance, body tightening, contouring, fractional as well as microneedle skin resurfacing (FSR). They work by emitting radiofrequency waves. In fact, the size & location of the treatment area determines which device to use. This treatment can help treat the face, neck, arm, abdomen, thighs and knees.

Daavlin chamber vitiligo US FDA Approved

Daavlin Chamber is a “walk-in” unit to treat the full body for Vitiligo. Phototherapy helps treat vitiligo. In fact, the medical lamps in these units emit ultraviolet (UV) light. As a result, this creates changes within the skin cells. The cells then begin to behave normally, which reduces or eliminates the symptoms of Vitiligo.

Diode Laser US FDA Approved

A Diode Laser is a semiconductor device. In fact, the lasers differ in size, weight, current, voltage, power requirements, intensity & beam. They produce waves at the same frequency in the visible to infrared range. They target specific cells in the skin by selectively heating them. The surrounding tissue remains intact. A Laser Diode is generally effective for Laser Hair Removal. 


Radiofrequency US FDA Approved

Radiofrequency is an FDA-approved treatment. It is non-surgical, safe and not as painful. The procedure involves heating the deeper layers of the skin. Hence, this stimulates collagen production. This makes the skin firm, thick & youthful. Further, it helps tighten tissues. Also, it helps reduce ageing signs, double chin, cellulite, stretch marks & improve body contours.

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Hardik Parekh
Hardik Parekh
08:02 14 Mar 20
was here for prp treatment and I really felt that... explanation and guidance by doc and staff was very logical and helpful. I find it bit more expensive, but they are claiming for best in town .. so waiting for best result and then it would be worth paying.read more
Ranjit Maske
Ranjit Maske
07:28 13 Mar 20
Very friendly and accommodating staff ..doctors... and staff very experienced.... I m very happy with the result ..there staff calls and makes sure the patient after consultation or treatment comfortable and medication are being taken timely..I would like to recommend ...read more
Pratiksha Sathe
Pratiksha Sathe
07:35 07 Mar 20
It's is a very good experience. I have been... visiting for skin treatment and there's a good improvement in the skin.The doctors and staff both are friendly and helpful and make comfortable during and after the treatment also.read more
Fulchand Dhekale
Fulchand Dhekale
07:47 29 Feb 20
Very friendly and accommodating staff.Doctors and... treatment staff were very experienced and treatments showed results. Their staff also calls and makes sure the the patient is comfortable post treatment and medications are being taken timelyread more
Amol Dhokale
Amol Dhokale
07:42 29 Feb 20
I have taken Hair Treatment here.Pros:Staff is... very supportive and caring.Doctors are skilled and qualified.I personally feels it is the very good place to treat the hair related problem.I have seen very good result with my hair here.So I will recommend this clinic to all my friends who are facing hair problems.Cons:The treatment fee is little bit higher as compared to the other clinics.(I haven't had experience with other clinic treatment effect so I don't know about their results)read more
azharuddin momin
azharuddin momin
06:07 29 Feb 20
Hi, I am Azhar. I watched dr. Dhananjay Chavan... videos on youtube. I really liked the videos for hair transplant. Then I decided to transplant my hair. I visited the clinic in 2018. Dr. Prashant Patil started my hair treatment. I got good hair density after getting the treatment for 3 months. Then last year in may 2019 i have transplanted 6000 graphs which was an amazing experience. All Hair Md staffs from operation theatre and cameramen they all were fantastic during my session. Dr. Sachin pawar is one of the best and intelligent dr. I have ever met in my entire life and dr. Prashant is one of the talented and clever dr. Which hair md clinic has. The support staff specially the OT guys treated me as a relative. I did not find any kind of hesitation during my hair transplant surgery. Overall a great expetience. Then i have done my crown area tranaplant in november last year. So the total graphs which i tranplanted are 9096. My hair are looking natural now and are growing very well. I am getting natural look. I have chosen an awesome clinic to transplant my hair. Overall a fantastic job done by themread more
Rahul Maurya
Rahul Maurya
07:56 26 Feb 20
Today is my last day of treatment for my hair and... I feel I should share my experience in clear skin. Because I can clearly say that experience felt hear than I couldn't get from any were. I had lost my hair line It was refucing day by day I thautho only hair transplant is only solution. But here I met doctor Vikram and he recommended me not to do transplant and suggested PRP and mezzo guys it actually worked. Now I can feel my hair density has been increased. Saying about Vikram sir he gone through my problem. I will always suggest every one clear skin is best clinc for hair and skin. If you visit there ask for Vikram sir I m sure he will over come to your problem and will provide right solution.read more
Kanchan Kulkarni
Kanchan Kulkarni
14:35 22 Feb 20
Result oriented clinic . When I started my... treatment I had very few hair on my forehead but after a period of one year have strated getting my hair back. Thanks to Dr. Deepali and Akshay who take care of my hair treatment. Also would like to add that the staff is very friendly and helpful to its patients. I would strongly recommend Hair MD Clinic for Hair treatment.read more
Nikita Jadhav
Nikita Jadhav
11:30 22 Feb 20
Recommend dis ..good service..gud staff......
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