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Laser Hair Removal in Pune

Laser hair removal in Pune is now easier and safer than ever with Clearskin. Our expert dermatologists can help remove any unwanted facial or body  hair in minutes. When it comes to removing unwanted hair, waxing and shaving only give you temporary and imperfect results. Our laser hair removal procedure destroys unwanted hair for salon-like smoothness permanently.  We use cutting edge Diode Lasers for our removal procedures that give you precise and perfect results. Leaving you with supple and smooth skin that is maintenance free. Say goodbye to unwanted hair forever. 

Laser hair removal treatment is a painless, permanent solution to remove unwanted hair on your body. No more weekly waxing or tweezing appointments and no more plucking or shaving at home! 

Laser hair removal treatments are available for areas of your body including the face, chin, leg, back, underarm, and bikini line. The cost of laser treatment for hair removal depends on the areas you want to treat. Costs depend on the packages and the number of sessions required.  ClearSkin offers the latest technology in laser hair removal in Pune

Laser Hair Removal

How is Laser Hair Removal Beneficial?

  1. Precision: Lasers target only the hair while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged.
  2. Speed: Each pulse can treat many hair follicles at the same time. Moreover, each pulse takes only a fraction of a second. 
  3. Relatively permanent: Most patients have a major hair reduction and some even have permanent hair removal after about three to seven sessions.

This procedure targets the melanin in the hair. As a result, it works best with darker hair colours on light skin tones. So, even if some hair doesn't reduce or go, this procedure can help reduce the appearance of hair on the skin. This is possible by the lightening of the hair colour.

Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal

  • Blistering in darker complexions: Using a moisturizer or cooling gel right after the procedure can help manage these symptoms. 
  • Sunburned skin: Patients may feel a sensation similar to that of sunburned skin. 
  • Redness & irritation: Since the procedure damages hair follicles, the skin reacts by becoming red and getting irritated. However, this should reduce within a few hours after the procedure.
  • Swelling: Patients may experience a slight swelling in the treatment area for a few minutes, maximum to 2 hours. 
  • Scarring: Scars are not a common side effect of this procedure. However, if the technician makes a mistake, scarring can occur. Hence, it is important to undergo this procedure with qualified practitioners. Scars may also form if people do not care for the treated area correctly afterward.
  • Changes in skin colour: This may occur as a temporary reaction after the procedure for some people. However, this reduces with time and the skin colour turns back to normal.
  • Skin infection: Since the procedure damages the hair follicles, this can cause an infection risk. Hence, the treatment area should be taken care of to prevent any infection. Any unusual sensation or reaction should be reported to the dermatologist.

How Does Laser Treatment Work For Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is one of the most common aesthetic procedures done all over the world. Laser hair removal follows the procedure of heating hair follicles to prevent hair growth. A highly focused light is absorbed by the hair, which stops hair from growing. Laser treatment only reduces the amount of hair growing in a region and it takes three to four sessions to see a considerable reduction in hair growth. Laser treatment for hair removal is a relatively painless procedure with only a few seconds of mild discomfort. Laser hair removal from the face has added advantages of making your skin look softer and silkier when compared to waxing or electrolysis.

Pre Procedure

If you are planning to undergo a laser hair removal procedure, then you should avoid the following: 

  • Plucking
  • Waxing 
  • Electrolysis 
  • Sun exposure
  • Avoiding blood-thinning medications
  • Shaving is okay to do a day before laser treatment. 

You should avoid other hair removal activities for at least 6 weeks before the treatment as these activities may remove the hair roots temporarily.


  • Prior to the procedure, your hair will be trimmed to a few millimetres above the skin surface. 
  • The dermatologist will adjust the laser equipment according to the colour, thickness, and location of your hair as well as your skin colour.
  • You and your technician will need to wear goggles for eye protection. 
  • You also have to apply a cold gel to help the laser light penetrate the skin.
  • Then, the technician will test a small area on the skin with a pulse of light. This to ensure that the settings are correct & optimum. 
  • Once the procedure is complete, you will need ice packs, anti-inflammatory creams or lotions, and cold water to ease any discomfort. 
  • Your next treatment session can be done four to six weeks later. 
  • Your treatment will continue until the hair stops growing.

Post Procedure Care

  • Avoid sun exposure for six weeks after the procedure. This is because sun exposure can make laser hair removal less effective. 
  • Cool compresses and moisturizers may help to control the sunburn. 
  • You can wear makeup the next day unless your face has blisters from the procedure. 
  • Wear sunscreen before 20 minutes every time you go out. This will help prevent any temporary changes in the colour of the treated skin.

Most people undergo several treatment sessions over a span of 2-3 months. Usually, they require anywhere between four to six sessions. In fact, every treatment will need a time gap of six weeks each. This means that the full treatment cycle can take up to nine months.

What Kind Of Results Can Be Expected?

Once you are done with your hair laser treatment sessions, you will start noticing less growth of unwanted hair. To minimize any side effects, you must follow the post-care instructions provided by your dermatologist. This will ensure that you receive the best results and that they are maintained in the long run.

Additionally, for the best results, you’ll likely need occasional maintenance sessions. These help ensure that the hair follicles don’t regenerate. You will need a maintenance session once or twice a year after your first treatment. However, this will vary from person to person. 

Remember, this is a cosmetic procedure that requires training to perform. You need to undergo this procedure from a well-reputed clinic that is capable of managing any potential risks.  Hence, make sure to do a thorough check of the credentials of the doctor or technician and the clinic, before getting laser hair removal.

How Much does Laser Hair Removal Cost in Pune?

The average laser hair removal cost in Pune can range from Rs. 7,500 to 25,000 and this treatment will usually last for six to eight sessions. The cost of laser hair removal procedures in Pune at ClearSkin depends on the area to be treated as well as the number of sessions of treatment it requires. Other factors that impact the cost of permanent hair removal laser treatment include the shade of your hair and skin, your skin tone, and the type of laser device used for treatment. Laser hair removal treatment packages are available for you to choose from based on your requirements. 

The laser treatment for hair removal cost will vary depending on the hair growth and skin type, along with the type of procedure you choose. There are various packages available as well, and the cost will be determined per session.

Types of Laser Hair Removal Packages

Whole Face Laser Hair Removal: This treatment package will include areas like the upper lip, chin, sides, cheek, ears, front and back of the neck.

Under Arms Laser Hair Removal: This treatment package is comparatively less, and it will need around three to four sessions to reduce hair growth. The growth will reduce significantly after the sessions are done.

Upper Body Laser Hair Removal: This hair laser treatment includes working on areas like the shoulders, forearms, chest, abdomen, upper back, and lower back.

Bikini Hair Laser Treatment: This treatment includes hair removal around the pubic region, and it eradicates growth that lies outside the panty line.

Legs Laser Hair Removal: In this treatment, the dermatologist will remove hair present on the upper and lower legs, along the hips.

Full Body Laser Hair Removal Cost in Pune: This treatment is a collection of all the treatments mentioned above.

Laser hair removal cost in Pune for Women

If you want smooth skin and are tired of plucking and waxing every other week then you must go for the best laser hair removal in Pune. The packages offered by laser hair removal in Pune are affordable and can be done on various parts of the body.

Average Laser Treatment for Hair Removal Cost by Treatment for Women:

CHIN 3000
BACK 10000
CHEST 8000


Laser Treatment for Hair Removal Cost for Men: 

Laser hair removal is a great option for men, especially if they don’t want it completely removed and just want to thin out the growth. Usually, they go for eyebrow shaping and clearing the growth on the ears, back, chest, and neck.

 Average laser facial hair removal cost in Pune for Men:

CHEST 8000
BACK 10000


Why Choose ClearSkin?

ClearSkin is a laser hair removal clinic in Pune and has a team of experienced and highly skilled dermatologists who will assess your skin type and requirements before providing you with the best treatment plan. All equipment and protocols are FDA approved, standardized and up to date, so you can trust us to solve your skincare woes.

Schedule a consultation with a Clearskin expert

ClearSkin Results: Before and After

Our procedures have helped thousands of patients feel more confident in their own skin. Here are some of our happy patrons. 

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 Laser Hair Removal: FAQs

Who Can Get Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal treatments are available for men and women above the age of eighteen. Women who are pregnant, lactating or undergoing puberty are not advised to undergo this procedure. Since men have coarser hair when compared to women,  they require more sessions of laser hair removal. 

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

The number of sessions that you require for laser hair removal depends on the area being treated, the laser device that is being used, and the individual’s hair colour and texture. Typically hair removal by laser for the face, for example, requires about 6-8 sessions. For small areas like your upper lip or chin, each session lasts only about fifteen to twenty minutes. However, larger areas of the body require longer sessions that may last around one hour.

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful And What Are The Risks Involved?

Laser treatment for hair removal is a painless procedure with minimal risks. At ClearSkin, only skilled dermatologists perform laser hair removal procedures using high-end lasers, ensuring maximum safety. Very rare side-effects include redness and irritation of the skin and pigmentation in some cases.

Why Choose Laser Hair Removal?

Laser treatment for hair removal is very beneficial and cost-effective in the long run. A permanent solution for unwanted hair means fewer visits to the salon and no last-minute stress when you get ready to go out. Laser treatment also does not cause ingrowths as waxing does. Laser hair removal is a pain-free procedure to ensure silky-smooth skin that is long-lasting.

Is Laser Hair reduction Permanent?

Bleaching, waxing and cutting hair can become quite tedious and harsh for the skin. They also lead to rough and uneven hair growth. To keep the skin smooth and healthy, you can opt for laser hair reduction.

Laser hair reduction is a laser assisted procedure  in which a laser (concentrated beam of light) is used to reduce unwanted hair growth. The target of the laser beam is the pigment in the hair follicle called melanin. The energy is absorbed by that pigment and converted to heat, which damages the area that produces new hair. This inhibits or reduces future hair growth. 

Laser hair reduction works by reducing the length of your hair follicles to facilitate lesser growth. It is permanent in the sense that it shortens your hair length on the body. It is a safe and effective method for those who have excess hair growth. It targets the pigment in one area of your skin and destroys the hair there. This makes hair growth difficult, aiding your purpose. 

Laser hair treatment involves multiple sessions because laser targets the hairs that have pigment and are in growth phase. With multiple sessions, hair growth slows down. The hair growth becomes patchy, fine and thinner. Although it is not permanent, the result can last for several months; in some cases, it can even last for years. For lasting results, few individuals may need maintenance.

Which parts of the body can I get a laser hair reduction done?

You can get a laser hair reduction done from any part of your body. The laser targets the pigments in hair follicles called melanin. This damages the part that's responsible to produce hair. Subsequently, hair growth is slowed down. After several treatment sessions, the desired result is achieved, which can last for months. In some cases, the result can even last for years.

The most common areas for laser hair reduction include:

  • Underarms
  • Hands and feet
  • Face including the upper lips, eyebrows, chin and sides
  • Shoulder and back regions
  • Bikini line

If you face unwanted hair growth in unusual areas such as your toes, chin, and even stomach and chest areas, you can try the hair reduction treatment there as well. Your dermatologist will determine your skin type and issues to make the process easier for you. You may require multiple sessions to achieve the desired results. 

How Can I Prepare for a Laser Hair reduction Session?

Before you do anything, you have to be mentally prepared for a laser hair reduction therapy. It will involve constant visits to the clinic and multiple sessions. Keep your schedule free and try not to miss any session to make the process quick and smooth.

Get in touch with your dermatologist to avail of a consultation. Your dermatologist will further proceed to check your skin type, skin condition and any other issue. Depending on the region you want to work on, you will be given the cost of treatment, duration and even the process of getting ready for a session.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before your first session:

  • Wax or bleach the area 24 hours before your first session. 
  • Don’t apply any creams or oils on the skin before the session. 
  • Don’t expose the treatment area to sun before or after the treatment.

Can Hair Be Plucked Out or Waxed After Laser Hair reduction?

There are certain precautions you need to take after undergoing a laser hair reduction session. You need to keep the area clean and avoid using any skincare products for at least a week. This also means that you cannot pluck out any strand of hair from the skin for a few days.

Since you will be undergoing many sessions, it is important to avoid plucking. This also includes no bleaching, waxing or threading. If there is no hair to be found in your skin cells, the laser will be unable to detect it, reducing the efficacy of the treatment. 

The standard waiting period after a laser hair reduction session is six weeks. The best way is to keep your skin natural. External factors may ruin the follicles or even cause skin infections.

Does Laser Hair reduction Work on All Skin Types?

Since the treatment works by detecting pigment and destroying it, it works for all skin types. You need to consult a board-certified dermatologist who can recommend the best way to go about your treatment. The skin clinic should also be equipped with the latest lasers.

The solution works great for hair colors with a black or brown pigment. Coarse hair can easily be picked by the laser and destroyed for best results. Laser hair reduction requires multiple sessions which allows the hair follicles to grow back in weeks, making the hair strands easier to detect.


Depending on your hair growth, you will need anywhere between six to eight sessions of laser hair removal. READ MORE



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You start to see results immediately after treatment. The results will differ from patient to patient. 


Patient Speak 36

Jaya More ,Kharadi, Pune

Treatment:Acne Pimples Date: Oct 18, 2019 Sessions: 4

“ Excellent guidance and neat treatment .”

Laser Hair Removal – Q&A

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Popular Videos for Laser Hair Removal

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Popular Blogs for Laser Hair Removal

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Video Consultation Service

Video Consultation Protocol
Hello Sir/Mam,

Clear Skin & HairMD Clinics team is pleased to offer ONLINE VIDEO Consultation facility to to help patients with their skin and hair problems.
Our expert Dermatologists, will discuss your queries related to Skin & Hair Problems & guide you regarding medication and care

Video Consultation  - Day & Time will be scheduled according to the mutual convenience of our Dermatologists & you, our esteemed patient.

Basic Information related to Video Consultation Sessions

  1. Counselling will be done with Prior appointment, which should be taken at least 2 days before the session
  2. Consultation session slot will be finalised post the payment confirmation from our accounts team
  3. Video Consulatation session duration - 15 min
  4. Consultation Fee for each session - Rs 700 (Payment Details are shared below for your reference)
  5. Sessions will be done through Whatsapp video call
  6. Before the session, you will need to share your Images and questions related to your skin/hair ailment on WhatsApp of our with our Patient Support Team at +91-74989 06403
  7. Images of the area should cover all sides. Images should be in good light with focus. For e.g. image of face should cover left and right side chin, forehead and cheeks. This will help us contextualise the discussion.
  8. Medicines will be prescribed as per the latest Medical Council of India guidelines for Telemedicine (March 2020) and sent over email and WhatsApp,
  9. Please understand that teleconsultation has its limitations as compared to in-person consultation. Because it is not possible to do detailed physical examination, the teleconsultation process comes with its limitations. The patient agrees with this limitations of teleconsultation. Also because of the inability for detailed physical examination, some medicines cannot be prescribed in a teleconsultation process, as per Government of India - Medical Council of India - latest Guidelines.Some dermatological diseases may require procedural interventions too along with the medicines. It is required by the patient to visit the clinic for the same. In such cases medicines may not be able to give maximum result.

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Timeline for Acne scars


Dermatologists assess the skin to understand the severity of acne scars. They prescribe a personalised treatment accordingly. Moreover, dermatologists treat acne scars with various combinations of treatments. There are many treatment modalities for Acne scars. For instance, the treatments could include: 

  1. Medical Management 
  2. Resurfacing Procedures 
  3. Tissue Augmentation 
  4. Laser Treatments 
  5. Surgical Management 
  6. Micro-needling Radiofrequency 

Dermatologists will devise a treatment plan according to the depth and intensity of your acne scars. In fact, these treatments will be done over multiple sessions of treatments. Certain treatment options have a longer downtime than others. Moreover, the modalities might also vary based on the depth of the scars.

Do & Don't for Getting Pigmentation

DO: Visit your dermatologist in the initial stages.
DO: Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen (> SPF 30).
DO: Use sun protection like scarves and hats.
DO: You need to avoid excessive sun exposure.
DO: Carry an umbrella, wear full sleeves clothing or broad-brimmed hats.
DO: Wear SPF 30 broad-spectrum sunscreen with PA++ protection.

DON’T: Overexpose yourself to the sun.
DON’T: Step outdoors without sunscreen.
DON’T: Ignore sunburns as they may lead to skin cancer

Do & Don't for Tattoo Removal

DO: Keep the affected area clean and dry.
DO: Apply antibiotic ointment 2-3 times a day.
DO: Keep it covered for the first 2-3 days.

DON’T: Take hot baths.
DON’T: Expose it to direct sunlight.
DON’T: Use any cosmetics, since they can irritate the skin.
DON’T: Scrub the treated area since it is sensitive.