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Acne Treatment in Pune

Acne is a problem that plagues us all in our teens. Many teenagers complain of acne problems during puberty though it is not unusual for women in their mid-to-late 20s to suffer from the same. Those seeking acne treatment complain of myriad problems including

  • Red bumps or pimples on the skin
  • Clogged pores also known as blackheads or whiteheads– Pustules or bumps containing pus
  • Deep pimples and boils of cystic acne also called cysts

In most cases, acne resolves on its own or through a combination of organic or over the counter medications. However, in some individuals, the skin is highly sensitive and prone to acne leading to recurring acne that may cause scarring or infections. If you suffer from a more serious case of recurring acne, you need to consult a dermatologist for a concrete solution and treatment protocol. 

Acne Pimple

Different Methods of Acne Treatment

  • Oral antibiotics
  • Topical treatments in the form of creams, lotions, or face washes
  • Medical procedures like chemical peels, lasers, and light therapies

These treatments can be prescribed individually or combined can help

  • Control further acne growth
  • Avoid scars or marks on the skin from acne growth
  • Make scars less noticeable

Topical Medications for Acne  

In case of mild acne or pimple treatment, dermatologists prescribe topical acne agents including cream, gel, lotion, and other face washes that are used on the skin. These topical medications help reduce the inflammation and promote the skin to peel off, reducing sebum oil production.

Topical treatments: Who should try this

Dermatologists often recommend topical prescription medications to individuals who have recently started observing signs of acne or suffer from mild or moderate acne. These treatment options help in easing out their symptoms and prevent scarring and prevent the growth of acne-causing bacteria i.e. Propionibacterium acnes. Additionally, they also keep your pores clear and reduce the number of comedones.

The common topical medications used to treat acne are:

Antibiotics & Antibacterials

Topical antibiotics are mostly available as creams or ointments for direct application on the skin. The medicines in these antibiotics reduce acne growth by killing the bacteria on the skin and reducing inflammation. They are usually prescribed with retinoids in most cases, these antibiotics stem the further growth of susceptible bacteria by killing or inhibiting them. The commonly advised antibiotics include clindamycin and erythromycin. Both these antibiotics are available as solutions, lotions, gels, and saturated pads.


This medication is found in gel form and is suggested as the best acne treatment for children and teenagers. Though recommended for some adults too, this sulfone antibiotic gel is applied once or twice every day on the skin to slow down bacterial growth and reduce inflammation. It takes up to 12 weeks of facial application to benefit from the anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties of the gel.


These are recommended to children and adults with moderate acne problems. Retinoids contain compounds like adapalene and tretinoin are available as gels, ointments, creams, or foams for direct application on the skin to prevent the plugging of hair follicles. The medicinal effect of the cream pushes out the dead skin cells, thus, giving way to new cell formation. The new cells multiply to push out the dead cells and excess oil from blocked pores, thus, treating the acne problem.  

Oral Medications

Though topical medications available as acne cream treatment are the first line of defence against common acne problems, dermatologists refer to oral medications in case of persisting acne problems. The commonly prescribed oral medications include tetracyclines (minocycline, doxycycline) and macrolides (erythromycin, azithromycin). Some doctors also prescribe these medicines with topical medications for improved results of acne spot treatment.

Oral antibiotics: Who should try this

Health experts suggest oral antibiotics primarily to individuals who suffer from mild and severe acne or when your acne can leave scars. Best suited for mild acne (in the form of topical medication), one can also intake oral antibiotics as capsules/tablets when you suffer from moderate or severe acne. Experts recommend taking antibiotics in high doses, but it's vital to reduce the quantity once your acne starts getting better.

Combined Oral Contraceptives

Combined contraceptives, or those that contain both progestin and estrogen, are usually prescribed to adolescents and adult women. Usually, these medicines take a longer time to act, so doctors prescribe them with other acne medications for quick results. 

The medicinal effect of these pills reduces androgen circulation, thus, having an alleviating effect on sebum production. The combination of progestin and estrogen acts as effective protection against acne growth. 


This drug also called Aldactone is best recommended for women and teenage girls afflicted with lingering acne problems despite previous treatments with topical and combined oral contraceptive medications. The anti-androgen agents block the impact of androgen hormones on the sebaceous glands to reduce oil production and thus control acne growth.


Reserved for people with moderate or severe acne, this medication is prescribed only in certain exceptional cases. Though very effective, tretinoin is only prescribed if all other medications have failed. It is strictly contraindicated in women who are trying to start a family or pregnant women.

Medical Procedures for Acne Treatment

In certain cases, acne cream treatment options or oral medications, or a combination of both fail to deliver the desired results to treat acne problems. In such cases, more advanced medical procedures are prescribed to resolve acne problems.

Medical procedures: Who should try this

Medical procedures like chemical peels, laser therapies are some of the best acne treatment options suitable for individuals suffering from severe acne. While cortisone injections treat individuals, who have formed large acne cysts on their skin, laser therapies help treat mild, active acne and acne scarring. As per health experts, light therapy (blue light/red light or phototherapy) is popular since it’s safe for people and is relatively free of side effects.

Cortisone injections

This is mostly prescribed for those suffering from severe acne problems. Doctors use Corticosteroid injections to get rid of large, painful blemishes stemming from excess oil clogging the facial pores. Steroid solutions are injected into the blemish to target clogged pores for effective treatment applications.

Chemical peels

This is an exfoliation technique to get rid of blackheads, whiteheads, and pus-filled pimples by using chemical peels such as salicylic acid or concentrated glycolic acid derived from sugarcane. The peels act to strip away the upper dead layers on the skin surface Removing the superficial layers stimulates new skin growth and eliminates clogging problems in pores.  

Laser or light-based therapies

This acne laser treatment reduces bacterial growth, inflammation, skin redness, and subsequent scarring and skin discoloration. Light therapies used for dermatological treatment target the acne-causing bacteria in the affected area using handheld devices or large panels fitted with long, thin light bulbs to emit light and reduce inflammation.

The ideal light source and dose are decided by the dermatologist depending on the seriousness of the acne problem. These acne laser treatment for pimples helps avoid bacterial multiplication, reduces inflammation, and spurs new cell growth.

Extraction Treatment

Dermatologists strictly advise against squeezing the pus out from the pimple or trying to remove the blemish by hand. However, when performed with the use of sterilized equipment it can prevent acne growth. The dermatologists take care to see that no scarring is involved and prescribe added treatment options to prevent further acne breakout.

How much will Acne Treatment Cost in Pune?

ClearSkin Pune promises the best acne treatment in Pune at affordable costs due to its effective and innovative treatment procedures that reduce the number of sessions required.

Patients suffering from lingering acne problems can consult Clearskin to avail services of the best doctors in Pune for acne treatment.  Procedures such as laser treatment for pimples, chemical peels, light therapy and more can be availed at affordable and accessible price points.

Why choose ClearSkin?

Over the counter treatments for acne fail to address the root cause of it which is your skin health. Unless a proper diagnosis and tailored treatment plan are in place, your acne will keep recurring. We help you understand what works for your skin and do a comprehensive investigation of your skin problems before commencing treatment. Our aesthetic solutions help you create a great first impression by getting your acne under control permanently.     

For more information about laser treatment for acne in Pune, you may directly get in touch with our expert team.

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ClearSkin Results: Before and After

Our procedures have helped thousands of patients feel more confident in their own skin. Here are some of our happy patrons.

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Acne and Pimple Treatment FAQs

What is the cause of acne vulgaris?

This is a common problem among teenagers that they face during puberty. Also called acne vulgaris, teens suffer from major acne problems when their hair follicles are clogged due to dead skin cells and excess oil secretion. The common areas affected are one’s face, chest, shoulders, and back. Doctors prescribe acne vulgaris treatment in such cases.

How to get rid of teenage acne?

As you hit puberty, it’s seen that acne is one of the common problems suffered by all girls. Acne problems are suffered by 85% of teenagers and are common across both the genders. Teenagers struggle hard to look pretty and fair and hence knowing how to get rid of acne holds importance for them.

The best workaround to resolve acne issues is to consult your doctor who would examine your skin type and based on it, will define what treatment option works best in your favor.

Which is the best-recommended procedure for acne treatment?

Dermatologists recommend topical solutions at first to rid your skin of excess oil and acne problems. It is only after prolonged problems that doctors recommend oral medications after asking their patients to go through multiple tests for hormones and learn about underlying factors possibly responsible for acne and pimple problems. Light-based therapies and extraction treatments are viewed in extreme cases when the patient responds to neither cream-based applications nor oral medicines.

Does birth control pill cause acne?

Far from causing acne, birth control pills can be one of the effective ways to control acne. These birth control pills work amazingly in some females who are suffering from acne due to hormonal issues. These birth control pills consist of estrogen & progesterone. These hormones counteract the androgen (male hormone) present in the body which is responsible for causing acne.

How to treat hormonal acne?

Hormonal acne treatment depends on the severity of the condition. In milder cases, retinoid creams and gels which are available over the counter will work. In cases of severe acne, an antibiotic may be prescribed, in combination with retinoid cream that helps clear up any bacteria. Do not pick at or pop your hormonal acne as it may lead to permanent scarring.

Is laser treatment good for acne?

Undoubtedly, these light-based therapies are safe though patients must follow some safety precautions like avoid being under direct sunlight or taking care of the dietary requirements. Studies have shown laser therapies to have a considerable reducing effect on acne-based problems and unclog the pores of the extra, unwanted oil.

Those undergoing laser treatment for the face must consult an experienced dermatologist for relief from laser skin resurfacing complications. Though the kind of treatment depends on the nature of the seriousness of your skin problems, you must be prepared for at least six months of treatment in extreme cases.

What are some basic skincare tips to prevent acne and pimples?

The foremost way to prevent acne is to keep your face clean. You must wash your face at least two times every day with a gentle cleanser to remove the dead skin cells, dust, and extra oil. Use a clean and soft towel to dab your face dry, post which you can use a gentle moisturizer on your skin.

Avoid layering your face with make-up products and remember to rid your face of all the make-up before you go to sleep. Ensure that you do not use strong hair products as the quality of your hair products may also affect your skin. Keep your scalp clean and keep the hair strands away from your face.


Treatments for Acne are oral medications, oral antibiotics, topical medications, topical medications & Medical procedures.  READ MORE



Acne treatments require time, consistent efforts. Moreover, patients need to support acne treatments with overall lifestyle modification.


Patient Speak 35

Siyal Shaikh, Pimple Saudagar, Pune

Treatment:Acne Pimples Date: Oct 14, 2019    Sessions: 6

“ Clear skin clinic is really good My conson acne pimple Treatment was Good and i am happy with the results. .”

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arati bokade
arati bokade
10:21 20 Jun 21
I am very happy with the progress of my... treatment.There is a great improvement in my skin texture and I would highly recommend the treatment. Love the results!read more
Sabina Magar
Sabina Magar
07:22 19 Jun 21
Good service, clean place and good ambience The... doctors and staff are very helpful and sweet.read more
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Very happy and satisfied with the... treatment.Staff is very helpful and cooperativeDoctors listened to and solved all queries patiently.All covid precautions are nicely followed 👍read more
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siddharam koli
11:28 24 May 21
Clear Skin is Good
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Vaishali R
11:40 08 May 21
Good experience.. quality service and good... resultsread more
Bushra Shaikh
Bushra Shaikh
06:34 25 Apr 21
I absolutely love my experience. All staff are... cordinated with each from appointment booking till end. My skin feels great and i got my confidence back.read more
05:30 25 Apr 21
The service is very good and the treatment are... very effective .read more
pooja rokde
pooja rokde
07:35 24 Apr 21
Clear Skin is definitely your go to place for... skin and hair problems. They have a good experienced staff and a well equipped lab. They do give online appointments and have economical treatment packages.read more
Nehall boy
Nehall boy
09:17 22 Apr 21
Good service .. co-operative staff and doctors.
Sukhmeet Kaur
Sukhmeet Kaur
15:57 18 Apr 21
Good services - but please if one has to consult... the doc again after the treatment so please don't make them w8 for long and please if the patient is confused regarding the prescription , then plz clear the confusion instead of suggesting them to go and visit the pharmacy for further inquiry. Thankyou 🙏read more
07:52 15 Apr 21
Very cooperative staff and knowledgeable doctors... at clear skin. Thanks to Dr. Manali ma'am for good guidance and treatment. Would surely recommend anyone looking for treatment of skin/ hair related issues.read more
Reshma Bhalerao
Reshma Bhalerao
10:00 21 Feb 21
All the doctors are amazing, staff is great,... Treatmens are really 100% affective i got really good results it take time but its worth itread more
Laish Mohammad
Laish Mohammad
11:53 18 Feb 21
Thank U so much clear skin and hair MD ...for... resolving my acne problem..great experience...staff is very helpful and cooperative... . Highly recommended to all....read more
Nikita Phadke
Nikita Phadke
14:26 04 Feb 21
Khup chan ahe hospital mla khup chan result... milala purn staff khup chan ahe All The Bestread more
Sangharsh Pandit
Sangharsh Pandit
08:30 20 Jan 21
All doctors and all staff is very helpful and ... supportive thank u so much clear skin ..satisfied result ...recomend to every one... acne result..read more
Onkar Jadhav
Onkar Jadhav
12:11 09 Jan 21
Staff is friendly and process is very nice .. I... have taken 3 PRP session so far .. and result is better than my expectations.. should visit onceread more
girisha borgaonkar
girisha borgaonkar
10:53 09 Jan 21
Satisfaction with consultation.Thank you to... entire teamread more
Tushar Salunkhe
Tushar Salunkhe
13:09 04 Jan 21
Satishfied wid d service & d courtesy of d... doctors & staff also...Very friendly & helpful. Doctors r knolwdgeble & solutions as per ur problems..So I recommend to all my friends & relatives...To visit Celar Skin & Hair Md Clinic..For bestttt Result...Thnx to all...read more
ravina patil
ravina patil
12:27 18 Dec 20
Happy with the results. Overall experience is... good. Doctor's and staff are very co operative . Modern infrastructure and trained therapist.Thank you Clear Skin.read more
Alka Deshmukh
Alka Deshmukh
12:01 22 Nov 20
Doctors and staff is very helpful and they... suggest proper treatment by analysing root Couse of your problem .highly recommend to every one ..thank u clear skin and hair MD...read more
13:30 01 Nov 20
Hello everyone....I am having face acne and scar... treatment over clear skin (Pune station) Dr.manali mam consulted me and mam explain everything very clearly and my treatment is done by therapist All are very supportive and handle patient very carefully . Result is very Good!!!Staff are so friendly...Thanks you so much clear skin and hair MD...... 😍recommend to allread more
Kanchan Khaire
Kanchan Khaire
13:20 01 Nov 20
started my treatment a few months ago and can see... effective results. The staff is friendly and helpful which makes you comfortable, also there is a follow up which will keep the treatment on going without intervals. I haven’t had any trouble since I started my treatment hence rating it 5.recommended to all of u...please visit once .......read more
Dattaji Patil
Dattaji Patil
06:49 01 Nov 20
Good experience... satisfied tratment ...... recommend to all...staff is very helpfulread more
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Timeline for Acne & Pimples


Skin types vary from person to person and so does acne. The healing period varies based on the intensity or grade of acne. Higher grade acne takes longer to heal than lower grade acne. Dermatologists assess the skin to understand the root cause of acne and then prescribe personalised treatments accordingly. To prevent the recurrence of acne, it is important to complete the full course of the medication or the number of procedures prescribed by the dermatologist.

Do & Don't for Getting Pigmentation

DO: Visit your dermatologist in the initial stages.
DO: Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen (> SPF 30).
DO: Use sun protection like scarves and hats.
DO: You need to avoid excessive sun exposure.
DO: Carry an umbrella, wear full sleeves clothing or broad-brimmed hats.
DO: Wear SPF 30 broad-spectrum sunscreen with PA++ protection.

DON’T: Overexpose yourself to the sun.
DON’T: Step outdoors without sunscreen.
DON’T: Ignore sunburns as they may lead to skin cancer

Do & Don't for Getting Acne Scars

DO: Visit your dermatologist in the initial stages.
DO: Follow a healthy skincare regime to prevent acne.
DO: Use products that reduce inflammation and redness.
DO: Moisturise your skin.

DON’T: Over-exfoliate.
DON’T: Pop and poke your pimples.
DON’T: Try home remedies as they don’t work.
DON’T: Delay the treatment of your acne.