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Is Tattoo Removal Painful?

Is Tattoo Removal Painful

Is Tattoo Removal Painful? Have you outgrown your tattoo? Did you get it on a whim, on a dare, or in passion? Has your tattoo now become a painful memory that you wish to be rid of? Well, the process of doing so will hurt, but the pain is bearable. ...
Which is best tattoo removal methods

Best Methods For Tattoo Removal

Which one is the best method for Tattoo Removal   Do you have a tattoo on your body that you're regretting? Is it too evident all the time? Or has your ideology from when you'd first gotten the tattoo changed now? Do you wish to be rid of it? Even ...
Q Switch Laser

Q Switch Laser For Tattoo Removal

Fractional Q switched Nd Yag laser for Tattoo Removal The tattoo is usually made up of different colors & they are located in the deep dermis of the skin. Different wavelengths are required to target different colors in the tattoo to fade it gradually. Fractional Q switched Nd Yag laser ...
Laser tattoo removal before and after results

Tattoo Removal

Do you have a tattoo but now wish you had not got it done before? Does the tattoo look irrelevant to your current personality? If yes then do not bother as a solution lies in the form of the tattoo removal. If your tattoo has faded away or caused you ...
How to identify vitiligo and treatments for vitiligo

How to Identify Vitiligo And Cure for vitiligo

How to identify Vitiligo and cure for Vitiligo   What is vitiligo? Vitiligo is a condition that causes the skin to lose a huge part of its natural color. A lot of patches of lighter skin appear. In some cases, only a few patches are developed whereas in other cases, ...
Q Switch Laser

Q Switch Laser

Fractional Q switched 1064 Nd YAG laser  This laser is used to treat various types of hyperpigmentation. It works on the 1064 wavelength which is well absorbed by melanin pigment in skin & being longer wavelength it causes minimal damage to the epidermis & is not absorbed by hemoglobin.     ...
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