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Hair Removal

Unwanted hair can grow on any part of the body and it may vary from person to person. This excessive hair growth can be on the upper lip, cheek, chin, ears, chest, back, armpits, legs, fingers, feet, or toes.


  • It can be hereditary or genetic
  • Or due to some medications you might be taking such as steroids,
  • Hormonal imbalances, and
  • Or then polycystic ovarian syndrome

Hair removal treatment

Laser treatments have been the popular method for hair removal over the unwanted parts such as the leg, arm, underarm, bikini or any other area since a few years. Those who avoid shaving, tweezing, threading, plucking or waxing, can look out for this particular method. In this treatment, a highly concentrated light is beamed into hair follicles where the pigments absorb the light which destroys the hair.

Laser Hair removal benefits

  • An efficient method that helps minimise unwanted hair from most parts of the body.
  • It is a valid and quick way of hair removing which helps remove more than one hair at a time.
  • It causes moderate pain and a little discomfort.
  • Also helps in improving your skin tone.

At Clear Skin we believe in ushering and catering you the best and efficient way possible.

Laser treatment modalities

  • Light sheer Diode Laser
  • Intense Pulsed Light
  • Calibrated Pulsed Light

 Laser treatment modalities in detail-

  • Light Sheer Diode Laser - Concentrated light is focused on the root of the hair, the follicle which helps in its eradication, making this a permanent solution to get riddance from the unwanted hair.
  • Intense Pulsed Light - In this procedure, the light is diffused which then gets converted into heat energy and dissipates the bulb and rest of the hair. The bulb is usually where the highest congregation of melanin is located, as compared to the rest of the hair shaft.
  • Calibrated Pulsed Light - The calibrate laser rays are aligned to the dark pigment (melanin) of the hair follicle where it invades the follicles melanin, thereby, sabotaging them by excessive heating, leaving the skin unharmed.
  • Our Results
  • Full Face Laser Treatment - Also referred to as facial resurfacing, it removes the hair on the skin, reduces fine wrinkles, sun damage and mild blemishing, improving the overall appearance of skin. This treatment tightens skin and balances the pigmentation. This being one of our peculiarity, a laser beam of light radiation to provide concentrated energy to a specific area of the skin.
  • Nose Laser Hair Removal - If you want to get riddance from your nose hair, nose laser hair removal treatment is an ideal option for you to opt. By availing this service, you can get liberation from your nose in barely five minutes or less. This process comprises the use of laser beams that ravages the hair follicles. This is a complete painless and an effective process.

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